Cake Emulsifiers and Improvers

Cake Improvers and Cake Emulsifiers


Industrial cake production is a science in itself, combining microbiology, chemistry and physics. An industrial cake should retain the precise texture, shape and volume and should remain soft, moist and maintain shelf-life for an extended period. How do you achieve all these benefits? Pentaor introduces the PentaCake Cake Improvers and the PentaCake Cake Emulsifiers.


PentaCake Cake Improvers

Multifunctional powders, which contribute to the extended softness and moistness of the cakes, their microbial stability (in synergy with added preservatives), volume and texture. Pentaor produces several types of high quality PentaCake Cake Improvers for different cake applications, all of which maintain cake shelf stability of months, in ambient conditions, provided that proper manufacturing conditions are upheld.


PentaCake Cake Emulsifiers

Come in gel form, act as batter aerating agents, increasing cake volume and fluffiness. Additionally, PentaCake Cake Emulsifiers significantly contribute to uniform cake texture, both internal and external, crumb softening, and uniform dispersion of the air cells within the cake. PentaCake Cake Emulsifiers can be added to existing cake recipes, without the need for additional formula modifications.