Cake Improvers and Cake Emulsifiers


The PentaCake are multi-functional cake additives, targeted to industrial scale cake manufacturing. The PentaCake range includes the PentaCake powdered cake improvers and the PentaCake Gel cake emulsifiers.

The PentaCake cake improvers mainly contribute to the shelf life of the cakes, to their prolonged freshness and stability, as well as to the cake volume and cake texture.

The PentaCake Gel cake emulsifiers improve the cake batter aeration, resulting in high cake volume, with fine uniform texture.

The products can be used in all types of batter cakes and sponge cakes. The PentaCake improvers and the PentaCake Gel can be used independently. However, due to their synergistic effect, they might be used together, for optimum results.



IBA 2015

Visit us in the IBA 2015 bakery exhibition, 12-17 SEP 2015, Munich, Germany.

PentaCake 6305

A special version for low cost markets. Enabling to manufacture industrial economical cakes.       

Cake Gel Emulsifiers

Sub-category in the PentaCake series. Activated emulsifiers in gel form, for improved cake aeration and texture, as well as lower specific gravity.

Brownie technology
Shelf stable chocolate brownies, using PentaCake BR 6060. Dense chewy texture, with enhanced humidity for several months.