Cake Emulsifiers and Improvers

PentaCake Gel Emulsifiers

The PentaCake Gel are paste form emulsifiers for cake manufacturing. They are either targeted to industrial cake factories, or to batchwise-production bakeries. The PentaCake Gel implementation allows simplified production of cakes, with higher volume and improved texture, followed by lower formulary costs. The PentaCake Gel can be used in all types of sponge cakes, as well as in batter cakes.


Technological Benefits

Higher Cake Volume

The improved air retention leads to enhanced batter aeration, followed by low specific gravity. As a result, the entire cake volume is higher.

Finer and Closer Texture

The homogenous air dispersion in the batter results in smoother cake surface and smaller uniform holes.


Improved Softness and Humidity

The optimum balance of the emulsification system leads to softer cake crumbs. The entire softness and humidity retention are extended consequently. Additionally, the capability to use the PentaCake Gel in cakes with oil has an additional indirect impact on the softness, humidity and mouthfeel.

Simplicity and Flexibility

The PentaCake Gel might be added to existing cake recipes, mostly without requirement for additional formula amendments. All-in-one process can be implemented, without significant deterioration of the batter aeration capability. The PentaCake Gel application is compatible with both planetary mixers and continuous mixers.

Formula Cost Reduction

The PentaCake Gel usage enables the reduction of egg content. The weaker egg taste is a bonus.

Wider Application Range 

The PentaCake Gel can be implemented in different types of sponge and batter cakes, with or without oil, including: Chiffon Cakes, Layer Cakes, Swiss Rolls, Custard Cakes, Pound Cakes, Muffins, Cupcakes, Madeira Cakes, dense sliced cakes ("Bar Cakes"), spongy soft cookies (like "Jaffa Cakes") and "Chocopie" soft cookies.

The PentaCake Gel Composition

  • Water
  • Mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids 
  • Glycerol 
  • Propylene glycol* 
  • Propylene glycol esters of fatty acids 
  • Salts of fatty acids** 
  • Sodium hydroxide 
  • Calcium chloride

* 8%-10% content; usage ratio limitation in the EU.
** In some PentaCake Gel versions.

Basic Sponge Cake Recipe with PentaCake Gel

  • Egg (chilled) - 30% 
  • Water (chilled) - 11% 
  • Sugar - 28% 
  • Flour - 25% 
  • Starch - 3% 
  • Baking powder - 0.5% 
  • Oil - 1% 
  • PentaCake Gel - 1.5%

Method: Beat all ingredients in high speed for 7 minutes. Bake at 150°C-160°C.

Remarks: In the EU and some other countries, lower ratio of the PentaCake Gel should be used, due to limitation of propylene glycol usage ratio (EU - 0.1% allowance in the final foodstuff). The presented recipe is for fresh cakes, without shelf life stability.


Sponge Cake

Disclaimer: Any recipe, advice or technological assistance related to the implementation of the PentaCake Gel is given by Pentaor as a gratuitous general advice for further trials to be done by the bakery. The PentaCake Gel by itself is not a long life cake improver. It is the responsibility of the bakery to ensure the PentaCake Gel conformity to the laws, regulations and patents in the relevant countries.


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